What Types of Food Did the Caddo Indians Eat?

Pumpkins, corn, sunflower, beans, and beef are among the foods that the Caddo Indians consumed. They farmed and grew crops in the forests as their primary source of nourishment. Men killed animals like deer, buffalo, and rabbits for their meat, while women foraged for roots, blackberries, acorns, persimmons, and a variety of other fruits in the woodlands.

Large fields in the woods were cleared by the Caddo Indians so they could plant their crops there. They burned the grass and other plants to remove them. To stop the grass from growing back, they did this every year during the fall or winter. They used spades and hoes that they fashioned from wood and animal bones to prepare the fields. They saved the best maize from the harvest to use as seeds for the following planting season. To keep it safe from rats, they dried their produce and stored it in high granaries.

Men would organise hunting parties and travel as far as the Southern Plains in search of game. The white-tailed deer was the preferred prey of the Caddo Indians. Once they obtained horses that made chasing animals simple for them, they began hunting buffalo. In order to obtain food from other villages, they also traded some of their harvest.

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