What Shape Has the Most Sides?

Shapes can have an endless number of sides, however the googolgon, which has 10100 sides, is one example of a shape with a lot of sides. The chiliagon (1,000 sides), myriagon (10,000 sides), and megagon are more examples of shapes with many sides (1,000,000).

A polygon is a two-dimensional shape made up of a collection of closed straight lines. The Greek word “polygon” literally translates to “many angles.” The triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, and octagon are examples of common polygons. Regular polygons are those that have equal sides and angles. For instance, the angles of a standard googolgon are about 180 degrees each, but the angles of a hexagon with six sides are 120 degrees each. A polygon may also be straightforward or complex. While the sides of complicated polygons intersect, the sides of simple polygons do not.

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