Cotton should not be worn near to the body in cold weather, especially in undergarments, as polyester is more warmer than cotton. When cotton is dry, it does not retain heat well; but, when cotton is saturated or has absorbed moisture from the body, it allows heat to pass right through.

Additionally, damp or wet cotton takes a very long time to dry, making it difficult to wear whether perspiring from the heat or getting wet from snow. On the other hand, polyester is a fabric that may be worn in both warm and cool weather. You should be cautious when examining at the fabric names on clothing products because it goes by several distinct names, including Collmax, Thermax, and Capilene. Polyester is available in a range of weights, and you can choose both light and heavy clothing types.

Polyester is also not able to absorb moisture, so even when it becomes wet, it will continue to provide insulation. Furthermore, polyester dries quickly. Numerous businesses also give their polyester finishes that aid in moisture repulsion. This makes it a great option for apparel that keeps a person warm.

However, silk is the most insulating natural fabric for the skin. Silk’s silky texture delicately caresses the skin while also providing warmth.

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