What Is the Traditional Clothing for Canada?

Due to the fact that both French and Englishmen helped settle the country, there is no such thing as Canadian traditional dress. Many Canadians donned French attire from the 17th century during the early days of French colonisation, which included wigs, luxurious materials, and fine lace for a wealthy and fashionable adult male.

The majority of the fashionable apparel at the time would arrive from French and European ships once a year. As a result, Canada remained perpetually one year behind in terms of French fashion trends. In photographs, Jea Talon, the first intendant of New France, can be seen sporting a fashionable wig, a brocade dressing robe, a shirt with ornately trimmed lace at the wrists, and a lace cravat.

The Madame Riverin was depicted in 1703 with a fashionable mantua and a sophisticated fontage. The Madame Riverin had access to the most recent trends because she was the wife of a Quebec City Conseil Souverain member. Her daughters were in the image as well, and they wore identical attire. Her son was dressed in a miniature imitation of the current adult trend. It was usual during this time for young children’s clothing to resemble what adults wore.

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