A single device that can carry out many tasks is known as a USB composite device. There are devices that can serve as both a mouse and a keyboard, for instance. A driver and a USB 2.0 slot are required to complete the operation and give full capability.

Since many USB composite devices already have a driver installed in Windows, installing a driver for one is not too difficult. The computer will prompt you to download the disc through Windows if the composite device is plugged into one of the available USB 2.0 sockets. A warning stating that the item has connected to a low speed port instead shows if the composite device is plugged into a slot that is not configured for USB 2.0.

A wizard will be offered to help with the automatic installation procedure. There may be a problem here, in which case you must utilise the CD that came with your USB composite device to obtain the driver. A wizard that will assist with completion also launches when the disc is inserted. Every time the USB composite device is plugged in to the computer after the driver has been loaded, it is recognised.

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