What Is a Fruit or Vegetable That Starts With the Letter “X?”

The xigua is a fruit or vegetable that starts with the letter “X”. The xylocarp and ximenia are other examples of fruits or vegetables that start with a “X.”

Africa gave rise to the melon known as Xigua, which has a pinkish-fleshy edible interior and a green rind. The xigua is more commonly referred to as watermelon in America.

Any fruit with a tough, woody exterior is referred regarded as having a xylocarp. The coconut is a type of xylocarp.

The African ximenia tree produces the tasty fruit known as ximenia. One seed is present in the little fruit, which is less than 2 inches long. When ripe, the ximenia might be yellow, orange, or red with white dots, depending on the type. The fruit is a favourite of birds and has a sour, bitter flavour.

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