Romeo and Juliet, a drama by William Shakespeare, ends tragically with both characters committing suicide. Juliet’s dead body is found and deposited in the Capulet family tomb just before she is wedded to Paris, an arranged suitor. When Romeo learns of her passing, he travels to Verona with the intention of taking his own life and passing together with her.

Romeo meets Paris in the family tomb of the Capulets. Romeo kills Paris after their altercation. Romeo weeps over Juliet’s body when Paris passes away, not realising that she was only unconscious. In order to avoid having to wed Paris, Juliet pretended to die. Romeo, on the other hand, was uninformed of Juliet’s scheme because the note she sent to him didn’t arrive in time. Romeo only learned of Juliet’s passing, so he plans to pass away by her side as a sign of his never-ending love.

Romeo takes his poison and passes away, but as soon as Juliet wakes up, she sees Romeo lying dead by her side. The priest, who had officiated at Romeo and Juliet’s wedding earlier in the play, entreats Juliet to flee with him. Juliet declines and kills herself by stabbing herself with Romeo’s blade. The two feuding families, the Montagues and the Capulets, come together in peace at the very end to lament the passing of their young and cherished Romeo and Juliet.

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