14K is the designation. GE A piece of jewelry’s quality and designer are referred to as its ESPO. The 14K stamp indicates that the gold is 14-carat pure. GE denotes that a base metal is coated with a coating of gold via an electrolytic method. ESPO denotes that Joseph Esposito created the jewellery.

Pure gold has a 24 carat weight, but due to its softness, it is rarely utilised to make jewellery. While adding additional materials to gold makes it stronger and more resilient, the procedure also lowers its value. A 14-carat piece of gold is made up of 14 parts gold and 10 parts another metal. Through the process of electroplating, a thin layer of gold is applied to the base metal. According to Federal Trade Commission requirements, the gold coating on jewellery must be at least 0.175 microns thick, or about 7 millionths of an inch, in order for it to be labelled as being electroplated with gold.

Jewelry from the Esposito Sterling Signatures collection by designer Joseph Esposito is only offered on the QVC website and television network. He has four generations of jewellers in his family. Joe’s great-grandfather relocated the family business from Italy to Rhode Island in 1911. The business is led by Joseph Esposito, who also oversees the creation of the jewellery collections.

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