What Breed of Dog Is Sandy From the Movie “Annie”?

Sandy, Annie’s dog, was portrayed by a 6-year-old otterhound named Bingo in the 1982 adaption of “Annie,” which was originally taken from a comic book series called “Little Orphan Annie.” Sandy is portrayed by Marti, a golden retriever-chow mix in the 2014 “Annie” film.

Sandy received a bigger role in the first “Annie” movie adaptation than he had in the Broadway productions of the musical. In addition to rescuing Sandy from the dog catcher in this version, Annie also protects him from a group of boys who are torturing him.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the dog chosen to depict Annie’s dog Sandy in the 2014 movie was acquired from a shelter in New York (ASPCA). In a scene similar to how Daddy Warbucks saved Annie from an orphanage, the movie depicts Annie and her adoptive father, Daddy Warbucks, adopting Sandy from a shelter. Sandy is a character who appears in various situations and can be identified by her tan fur and sharp ears.

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