The crown, brim, sweatband, and hatband are the four fundamental components of a hat. The portion of the hat that rests on a person’s head is called the crown. The stronger material that is attached to the crown’s base and partially or completely circles the crown is called the brim.

The tiny textile band inside the hat is called the sweatband. It surrounds the inside of the crown entirely and is situated near the base of the crown. When the hat is on, this portion contacts the wearer’s head, typically towards the forehead. At the point where the brim and crown meet, the hatband encircles the exterior of the crown. The hatband can be created from a variety of materials, including velvet, leather, thread, and ribbon. While frequently decorative, this hat component also serves the utilitarian purpose of maintaining the hat’s shape.

The brims of various hats may be of varying sizes. A baseball cap, for instance, has a wide brim, yet it is only visible at the hat’s front. A fedora is a formal hat with a medium brim that encircle the hat. It is often made of felt. An extremely fitted fabric hat called a skull cap has no brim at all.

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