What Are Some Details Surrounding Connie Smith’s Marriages?

American country music performer Connie Smith has been married four times. Jerry Smith, a ferroanalyst whom she wed in 1961 and later divorced, was her first spouse. Midway through the 1960s, she wed guitarist Jack Watkins, who would become her second husband; they were divorced less than a year later. Shortly after, Smith wed Marshall Haynes, a telephone repairman; the couple became divorced in the early 1990s. Marty Stuart, a country music artist, became Smith’s fourth spouse in 1997.

While still married to her first husband and residing in Ohio in the early 1960s, Smith began her career in country music. She was a stay-at-home mom who occasionally sang on regional television programmes. She triumphed in a talent contest in 1963. Smith’s singing was heard by country music performer Bill Anderson at this competition, and Anderson eventually assisted Smith in landing her first recording deal.

Her music career has ties to her second, third, and fourth spouses. Watkins, her second husband, was a member of her touring band. Her third husband, Haynes, inspired her to expand her musical range by being an evangelist himself. Stuart, her fourth husband, is also a country music performer.

Smith’s children number five. She had two sons: one with Jack Watkins and one with Jerry Smith. With Marshall Haynes, she gave birth to three daughters.

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