Several websites, including, Lunch Time Shopper, WorthPoint, and eBay, provide both value estimates and sellers’ asking prices for Raikes teddy bears, despite the fact that there is no unified pricing reference for these bears online. It is feasible to compare postings across many websites to obtain a precise approximate pricing.

Mohair teddy bears by Raikes have faces carved out of wood by hand. From 1985 until 2010, each bear was produced by designer Robert Raikes and distributed by the Applause business. The market for the bears is essentially secondary because the manufacturer no longer makes the bears.

There are listings for Raikes Bears on numerous collectibles websites. For a charge, one can price antiques and artefacts on the website WorthPoint. Users can join this site, enter their things, like the Raikes Bears, and receive a value via the website or mobile app. As of 2015, the price range for the Raikes Bears available for purchase or auction on eBay is between $1 and several thousand dollars.

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