Is Sugar a Pure Substance?

Sugar has a uniform composition throughout, making it a pure substance. Either elements or compounds can be considered pure substances. A substance having the chemical formula C12H22O11 is sugar, often known as sucrose.

Two or more elements with a certain ratio make up compounds. The ratio of each element—carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen—is given in sugar’s formula. There is only one kind of atom that makes up an element.

Sugar is both a disaccharide and a carbohydrate. The molecule glucose, which is linked to a molecule of fructose, is what makes up sugar, also known as sucrose. Plants also contain sugar.

Sugar cane and beet cane must be harvested and processed in order to make sugar. The juice from the sugarcane must be removed in order to make sugar. In order to create raw sugar, the juice must first be boiled before the syrup is removed.

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