How Many Teaspoons in a Pound?

The density of a substance in pounds per teaspoon is equal to the reciprocal of the number of teaspoons in one pound of the substance. The quantity of teaspoons in a pound relies on the substance’s density as teaspoons are a unit of volume and pounds are a unit of mass.

There must be a conversion since pounds per teaspoon is not a recognised unit of density measurement. Only then can the number of teaspoons in 1 pound be determined. There are 5,745.04 teaspoons in a cubic foot, so to calculate the number of teaspoons in 1 pound of a substance, divide 5,745.04 by the density in pounds per cubic feet, which is a more often used unit for density. This means that there are 127.67 teaspoons, 176.77 teaspoons, or 287.25 teaspoons in 1 pound of brown sugar, wheat flour, or ground coffee, respectively.

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