Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Veterans of Foreign Wars all provide services for the disposal of flags. Find locations using the individual websites’ locating capabilities as of 2015. The United States Flag Code states that flags should be burned prior to disposal.

To locate a local Walmart, go to the homepage and select Store Finder. The link on reads “Club Locator,” whereas the link on reads “Find A Post.”

To dispose of the flag by yourself, fold it according to custom. Start a fire and use enough fuel to totally consume the flag. Burn the flag in a fire. After the flag has been removed, extinguish the fire and bury the ashes. Follow any local fire regulations.

Remain silent, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, or render a salute as the flag burns to show respect for it and ensure its dignified destruction. A little ceremony of burning the flag is also suitable.

Cut the flag in half vertically, then put the halves on top of each other and cut them in half horizontally for a second method of disposal. Do not cut into the blue star field. After it has been sliced, it is no longer a flag, thus the pieces can be placed in a container and discarded.

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