For convicts at Tygart Valley Regional Jail, mugshots are made available by the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Regional Facility. Some websites that house mugshots, like, download the images from the jail or prison’s website and display them there.

Visit and click Inmate Search in the top menu to see the mugshots of all the people who have been arrested and booked at the Tygart Valley Regional Jail. Enter the security code as it appears on the screen, the inmate’s first and last names, all at least three characters long, and hit Search. The names that matched the information provided are shown by the web system. Only inmates who are currently jailed in one of the jail system’s facilities, such as the Tygart Valley Regional Jail, are listed in the WVRJA’s online search engine. If an offender has recently been admitted to the facility, the booking images may not always be available.

Booking images of inmates are posted on several websites that house mugshots, such Go to and choose West Virginia from the list of states to view the mug images of TVRJ convicts. To view the mugshots of people booked in the TVRJ facility, click TVRJ beside the booking photo of an inmate. Return to the WVRJA website to verify the accuracy of the data on the website.

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