How Do You Find a Bank DTC Number?

Access the DTC member directory on the DTCC website to find the Depository Trust Company number for a specific bank. Access the data for free and sort the outcomes by alphabetical or numeric order. Use the same online directory to find a list of settlement banks and depository facilities.

Navigate to the DTCC website

Visit the Depository Trust Company website and select Client Center from the option at the bottom of the page.

the DTC member directory can be accessed.

Select DTC Directories from the list of directories in the menu bar on the right.

Sort results using names or numbers.

Select either the alphabetical or numerical listings when you click to open the listings. Only if you already know the institution’s DTC number of record are numerical lists useful. The phone number appears in the right-hand column next to the company name in alphabetical listings.

Find banks that settle

The alphabetical list of settlement banks is provided. To access the listings and related ABA numbers, select the relevant tab. This list’s date is determined by the end of the week it was put together.

Discover direct registration services and pledgee banks.
Lists of pledgee banks and direct registration services can be accessed by clicking tabs. Pledgee banks are listed in alphabetical order, while limited participation and direct registration services are arranged on the right side of the page using allocated numbers.

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