The majority of lizard species need a male and female to reproduce; the male emits an odour from a gland on its tail that attracts the female. To complete the mating process, male lizards will mount female lizards.

By the time they turn one year old, the majority of lizards, both male and female, will be prepared for mating. By this age, they are physically and sexually mature and can produce the hormones needed for reproduction. In addition, female lizards will be big enough to carry the requisite number of offspring for reproduction. Lizards can breed quickly, and after mating, they frequently disperse in different directions. The act of mating is not a relationship.

There are some lizard species that can reproduce without a male. Mexico and the United States are home to these lizards. All of the lizards in this species are female, and the females can produce the necessary amount of DNA. In order to make up for the lack of a male lizard, it creates two sets of DNA. All lizard species have the ability to lay eggs or give birth to live young, and the kind of young they produce depends on their environment and geographic location.

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