Hisense Tv Red Light Blinks 2 Times: How To Fix This

Hisense is renowned for its selection of inexpensive TVs. Despite producing TVs with a focus on affordability, their models feature the latest innovations.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information on why the red light on your Hisense TV blinks twice before repeating itself and how to resolve the problem.

I’ll describe the problem that this points to and how to address it in this post.

Hisense Tv Red Light Blinks 2 Times

If your Hisense TV’s red light blinks twice, there may be a hardware problem. It can be a sign of a problem with your TV’s circuit or backlight.

Why is the red light on my Hisense TV blinking?

The amount of times the standby red light blinks in standby mode is a feature that lets you know if there’s a problem with the TV.

How to Fix a Hisense TV’s Two Blinking Red Lights?

You can try the following troubleshooting methods if the red light on your Hisense TV keeps blinking twice in a row:

Restart your Hisense TV.

One of the practical solutions to this problem is to power cycle.

You must first turn the TV off before turning it back on. It’s a straightforward remedy, but it frequently works.

Make sure your Hisense TV is off before doing a power-cycle. Next, take the power cord out of the TV’s back. Replug the cord after roughly 30 seconds have passed. Lastly, start the TV.

Reset your Hisense TV

Resetting your Hisense TV could be helpful if you’ve been experiencing issues with it. By returning the TV to its factory default settings, you can potentially resolve any problems you’re having.

Examining the Power Supply

On the Hisense Smart TV, the Red light frequently begins blinking because of a bad power supply.

To test whether it resolves the issue, you can plug something else in the socket or try a different outlet.

The Power Supply component located inside the TV’s back panel may also be a problem. Although it is not advised, you can ask a professional for assistance in opening the TV’s back panel.

Contact Hisense customer service

Do not become alarmed if the red light on your Hisense TV begins to blink twice. By contacting the company’s customer care, this problem can be resolved.

The specialists will walk you through the steps you need to take to fix the TV and assist you with troubleshooting. Most of the time, it’s merely a quick remedy and doesn’t call for replacing the TV.

Locate a nearby TV repair facility

The TV repair shop’s professionals will be able to identify the root of the blinking red light and make the necessary repairs. Most of the time, it’s a quick remedy and doesn’t call for any significant repairs.

However, the technicians will let you know if there is a problem with your TV that can’t be quickly rectified and provide you with an estimate for the required repairs.

Consequently, if your Hisense TV is twice blinking red, don’t be afraid to go to the local TV repair shop. They’ll quickly get it back up and running.


Let’s wrap up this article on the Hisense TV Red Light Blinks twice!

I hope you used the troubleshooting procedures to resolve the problem. If it didn’t, get in touch with a TV repairman if the TV is no longer covered by warranty and Hisense customer support if it is.

The internal TV circuits should not be touched or checked on your own since this could result in further harm to the TV.