Banana Split Switches: Detailed Information

Switches play a crucial role in keyboards. There are many different kinds of switches, including linear switches and clicky, tactile switches.

Banana Split switches are smooth linear switches with no tactile bump and a negligible amount of auditory noise. They were created by C3 Equalz and produced by JWK.

The linear switch type’s banana split switches are a fantastic alternative.

If you’re seeking for information on Banana Split Switches, a review of them, or answers to any questions on the banana split, this is the post for you.

The finest feature of these switches is that they have a fantastic feel and are extremely reasonably priced.

Banana Split Switches: What Are They?

Linear switches include banana split switches. A combination of nylon, polycarbonate, and stainless steel make up the housing. The switch may be activated with 62g. They were created by C3 Equalz and are produced by JWT. This switch’s gold-plated spring is excellent.

Each ordered item includes a choice of 25, 50, 75, or 100 Banana Split switches.

Review of C3 Equalz Banana Split Switches

C3 Equalz’s Banana Split switches are a great alternative to mechanical switches that are linear in design. Like the Kiwi Switches and Tangerine Switches, it is a part of the C3 Equalz snack time switch range.

The spring needs to exert 62 grammes of force in order to trigger the switch, which is known as the actuation point. Nylon and polycarbonate are blended in the housing. POM is used to make the stem (Polyoxymethylene).

It’s a good option that this switch is available in packs of 25, 50, 75, or 100. Additionally, this switch is incredibly smooth to write, as one would anticipate from a high-quality linear switch.

This is a great switch for anyone who prefer Cherry MX Blues’ smaller profile and smoother travel. I enjoy how smooth it is, and it’s ideal for typing and gaming.

Both gaming and typing work well with these switches. They work well for gaming, but I might seek for a switch that is heavier, like the MX Blues or Blacks. However, I greatly like linear when typing and playing standard video games.

Details of Banana Split Switches

switch kind: Mechanical switches of the linear kind

Force on the bottom: 62g

Plating for Spring: plated in gold spring

Housing Resources: Blended nylon and polycarbonate housing

Stem Composition: Polyoxymethylene (POM) Stem

Pre-lubed: Yes (Lightly lubed)

Created By: Equalz C3

built by: JWK

Sound Test for Banana Split Switches

An fantastic improvement for any Cherry MX keyboard is this switch. The low profile and silent operation of the banana split/macho switches make them perfect for gaming. This soft sound is comparable to other linear products, such as the Red switches.

If you like silent keyboard switches, you’ll appreciate the banana split switch.

Actuation Force

Actuation is the amount of pressure required to press a key on a keyboard in order for it to be registered. In light of this, you must select a mechanical keyboard with the ideal actuation force for your level of typing.

It could be difficult to type or cause hand strain if the keyboard’s actuation is too high or too low.

The actuation force of the Banana Split switches is 62g, which is higher yet respectable. It is superior to Cherry Mx’s famed Red Linear, which boasts an actuation force of 45g.

However, using the Banana Split switches feels natural, and there are no problems at all.


The most crucial factor in any mechanical switch is performance. The performance of a linear switch is excellent for banana split switches. The actuation is quick, and you may play quickly and correctly by clicking.

Additionally, this material gives the key an extremely responsive sensation when you push it, giving the impression that you are typing on an MX switch. This is excellent for someone who prefers mechanical switches with high performance but no sound or tactile input.

Honest Opinion About Banana Split Switches in General

For gaming, I enjoy using linear switches. Here, I’d like to discuss the banana split switch, also known as the macho switch, which is a type of linear switch. Switches made by Banana Split are preferred for gaming. Over the past month that I have had it on my board, I have grown to like this switch.

Given their strength, effectiveness, and general user experience, banana split switches would be a wise choice. This will appeal to you if you enjoy playing video games.

Banana Split Switches: Are they heavy?

The 62g weight of the banana switch springs feels a bit excessive when compared to the Cherry Red’s 45g actuation force.

Which of the Alpaca V2 and Banana Split Switches is superior?

The Alpaca V2 switches are a similar linear switch that is frequently used in comparison to Banana split switches.

When typing quickly on the keyboard, banana split switches have a deeper, fading sound that feels great.

Although they work quite similarly to the Alpaca V2, the Banana Split switches have a superior feel and you will love using them for extended periods of time.

Can You Swap Well with Banana Splits?

Switches that look like banana splits are good linear switches that work well for typing and gaming. Switches made of bananas have excellent durability. It boasts a housing that is superbly constructed from a blend of nylon and polycarbonate, increasing durability, and a stem that is gold-plated.

In terms of performance and quick actuation, banana split switches excel. In general, the Banana Split switches work well and are dependable for quality usage.

Banana Split Switches: Are They Suitable for Gaming?

Since they feature a faster and lower actuation than other types of switches, linear switches are excellent for gaming. Switches called “Banana Split” are a sort of mechanical switch that is linear and great for gaming.

These switches would be useful for you whether you play FPS or arcade games because of their increased durability, quick actuation, buttery smoothness, and silence.

Where Can I Purchase a Banana Split Switch?

It could be difficult to locate switches for banana splits. These are often available in small quantities and sell out quickly.

Banana Switches are offered in a few of the chosen shops listed below:




From there, you can choose the Banana Split switch pack.

Banana Splits: Can They Be Hot-Swapped?

Switches for banana splitting allow hot swapping. Switches from the circuit board can be simply replaced without soldering. The keyboard’s Hot Swappable mechanical switch is practical because it can be quickly replaced and does not require tedious soldering.

Banana Split Switches: Are they MX?

MX design switches are banana split switches. The Banana Split switches would function perfectly on a keyboard board that is MX switch compatible.

Banana Split Switch FAQs

How Much Force Does a Banana Split Switch Require to Operate?

Banana Split Switches have a good 62g actuation force. 62g is the bottom-out force.

What Number of Banana Split Switches Are Included in One Unit?

Single units come feature 25, 50, 75, or 100 switches, depending on the model.

Banana Split Switches Fall Under What Category?

Linear-type mechanical switches are banana split switches.

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap up our discussion on banana split switches in this post!

Few people are familiar with keyboard switches that look like bananas. Banana split keyboard switches are a wonderful linear switch alternative and are a smooth and little-known switch type.

Any keyboard fan should have some banana split switches in their collection. The linear Tangerine switches are a different alternative that you may want to consider.

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